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March 29 2016



Free IPTV test

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IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) strategy of distributing television content over broadband that permits a more customised and interactive user experience. IPTV will mean a fundamental alteration of viewing habits. Viewers should be able to watch what they want, after they want to. Interactive TV services is a key differentiator for the plethora of IPTV offerings that are emerging. Interactivity by way of a fast two-way connection will lift IPTV before today's television.

IPTV mixes the television, internet and telephone. Much like cable or satellite television, IPTV uses a set-top box (STB) that allows viewers to watch hundreds of channels and order movies through video-on-demand (VOD). IPTV uses broadband ADSL, exactly the same technology that delivers high-speed Internet to the computer. This opens the door to far more interactivity and the possibility of thousands, as opposed to hundreds, of channels.

Find What's On

All IPTV services offer basic interactivity to support navigation and search from the vast amounts of content. An electronic digital programme guide (EPG) will permit viewers to see the linear and on-demand content which can be found.

EPGs are likely to allow viewers to look at programme listings approximately two weeks in advance, and also look back over programmes in the previous seven days broadcast schedule. A robust search facility will allow viewers to look for programmes by title, genre and keywords. Filters will permit viewers to display lists of movies, music, pay-per-view events and high definition programmes.


The EPG will be customisable by viewers, who will be able to create their particular line-up of favourite channels and content. Along with full-screen layouts, EPGs will have a mini-overlay mode that will allow the viewer to hold watching the current programme while browsing the schedule.

Personal Video Recorder

Many IPTV digital tuners will incorporate a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that will permit programmes and interactive content to be recorded. Viewers should be able to watch one programme while recording another. They'll have the ability to use interactive services or video at the moment while recording in private. While watching linear TV programming, viewers will be able to pause and rewind live television.

The PVR will be programmed via the Electronic Programme Guide. Intelligent series linking will permit programme episodes being recorded based on preferences; first-runs, repeats, or all occurrences. Programme and movie trailers contains interactive links which can be selected to plan a recording. Remote scheduling of recording can also be possible using a cellphone or the web.

Enhanced TV

With IPTV, viewers are able to watch a lot more television as well. Sports fans will be able to keep an eye on six games at the same time, on the same screen, or study one game from multiple camera angles. Viewer involvement will be encouraged through voting, competitions and messaging services.


Interactive advertising will extend traditional linear advertising. It'll allow advertisers to provide product information in the form of an on-screen interactive brochure. This may re-enforce the brand messages and encourage viewer involvement together with the product. It will also allow a principal element to be combined with any TV campaign, with responses being captured from viewers.

Communication Services

The two-way nature of an IPTV connection makes it ideal for providing person-to-person communication services. Im services will allow viewers to 'chat' via sms while continuing to watch a movie. Video conferencing over television enables virtual family gatherings when family members are spread across the world.

Services will likely be used both as stand-alone applications, in addition to being add-ons to programming. Friends will be able to chat while watching a programme 'together' in numerous locations. Phone-in shows should be able to display callers, linked from their home.

Community Services

IPTV will give you many feeds of stories, entertainment and information. Viewers are able to personalise their 'feed reader' to check their particular interests. This can then collect up-to-date information such as news headlines, sports results, share prices and travel updates in one place.

Dating services allows subscribers to set up a profile and find compatible 'matches' to communicate with. Messages will be exchanged quickly, cheaply and safely, minus the security concerns of meeting in real life.

Betting & Gaming

IPTV will offer a range of betting and gaming at the moment services. These should include sports betting services, where bets are placed on both live and virtual sports. The betting will likely be closely linked to the TV coverage, and will include in-running betting. There will also be an array of casino style games including roulette, blackjack, slots and poker. Some of these will be stand-alone games, others will be linked to programming with either live or virtual presenters.

Personal Content

IPTV will enable the secure sharing of video recordings, photos and music. Users with a home network should be able to share digital pleased with other devices like PCs and portable media players. IPTV would have been a key component in the connected home.

Users may also be able to share happy with family and friends across the Internet. Effective digital content protection with consumer flexibility will be essential for such sharing to flourish. IPTV could possibly allow users to obtain their own television channel where they might share their views, pics and vids with the rest of the world being a video podcast.


Interactive television will give you genuinely useful applications that boost the overall user experience of IPTV. Interactive services must be seen as part of the overall infrastructure of delivering television - not only a bolt on.

To find the right interactive services to satisfy consumer demands will need experimentation. Content providers, broadcasters and network owners should develop, trial, refine and roll-out interactive services. A good deal has been learnt in the last ten years about interactive TV. This information can help inform design for interactive services for IPTV.

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